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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Guinea and Fuzzy have had many exciting adventures over the years. One of the more memorable ones was their trip outside. It was the inspiration for multiple story lines, including this one and this one. We don't have a grassy back yard, and there are a lot of hawks in our area, so we only brought them outside for a short time, and under very close supervision. They saw so many new things when they were out there! They were super scared at first, but actually seemed to enjoy the challenge, cautiously exploring and not teeth chattering.

Another true story that featured in the comic was the time they stayed in a kennel. We were out of the country for two weeks, and left them at a full service kennel the whole time. They even had their fingernails clipped, and when our supply of bedding ran out the manager was kind enough to buy more for us until we got back. Unfortunately we did not get to see what it was like in there, but I bet it was exciting. They seemed to be well treated, and were happy to see us when we got back.



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