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Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Guinea and Fuzzy

Sadly Snowflake passed away when he was just one year old, September 1st 2017. He had a bad case of pneumonia, but hid it from us so well he had no symptoms at all. We were all upset, but most of all Guinea, who really loved spending time with him. He needed a new companion right away.

We met Fuzzy at the pet store on Labor Day, 2017. That's how Labor Day became the shared birthday for the pigs, instead of September 5 and 4 respectively. Even as a baby, Fuzzy challenged Guinea's dominance, though he didn't truly become the alpha pig until he was fully grown. Once dominance had been established, though, a lifelong friendship was born. Guinea got his companion, and Fuzzy got a bubbly, happy pig to cheer him up.

It was hard getting a photo of the two pigs together when they were first introduced, because there was so much chasing around. But here is a shot of Guinea looking in on Fuzzy during the part of the day they were separated. Keeping the pigs separate but neighbors for most of the day is a good way to introduce new buddies. You can see the massive size difference. Guinea has his cage lid over part of the cage because he had figured out how to get out, though thankfully we didn't have to use it long before he decided he actually had no interest in leaving the cage when we weren't around.



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