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Friday, December 24, 2021
Merry Christmas

Fuzzy wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Obviously we didn't actually put a Christmas hat on him. He loves us, so he might actually let us put one on these days, but we know he doesn't like it. So this "seamless" photoshop will do the job.

Fuzzy has been getting extra ear-scratches and snuggles from us this week. This is his first time in the living room in a while. But it's only a fake tree with the presents under it. The real tree is in the same room as his cage, and I think he likes looking at it. It's so big and green!

Fuzzy doesn't know it yet, but he's going to get a major Christmas present. Except he will get it the day after Christmas! He is lonely, so we will be finding him a new cage mate. We're all excited to meet the new member of the family.



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Daughter of comic #2 December 24, 2021 - 11:50am

Here are a list of names we might use for our new guinea pig: Harry, Coco bean,Tyler, and Tucker.

P.S. It is possible we would use a name that is not on this list.

Daughter of comic #2 December 24, 2021 - 11:51am

Comment if you want to know my name. If one person writes a comic then I will tell you.

Daughter of comic #2 December 24, 2021 - 9:48pm

I meant comment.

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