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Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Guinea and Snowflake

Guinea and Snowflake joined our family on Labor Day, 2016. They were both tiny babies, but seemed to get along really well right away. Back then, Snowflake was the one who loved to snuggle with humans. Guinea was shy and did not like to be held, although he would enjoy cowering in a lap as long as he was covered with a towel or blanket. We found out very quickly that carrot was their favorite food.

We had the tiny little All Living Things X-Large Cage with Playpen, which is way too small for guinea pigs. The store told us it would still be big enough for adults, which if you were to carpet and finish the entire area that the add-on playpen could cover, would only just barely be true. We were prepared to give the pigs whatever they needed to be happy and healthy, so we wish the store had told the truth. And we played with them a lot, even though they weren't that tame yet.



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Daughter of comic #2 December 21, 2021 - 11:21am

I love my babies!!!!!!!!!wwwwwaaaaa

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