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Thursday, January 6, 2022
Waiting Room

Because it was the only animal hospital nearby that offers emergency care for "small animal" pets (aka, not dogs or cats), we did get to see quite a few different kinds of animals. There was both a parrot, and a parakeet who looked like he hit his head. There were a couple of other guinea pigs, but they were pretty caged up so we couldn't see them as well. A couple of bearded dragons came through too. And because they had an emergency room, one of the weirdest things we saw was a dog that was dropped off in the emergency lane who apparently swallowed an entire volley ball.

But the funny one was the tortoise. A lady came out of the special animals ward carrying a tortoise under her arm like a stack of schoolbooks. She walked over to a remote patch of grass in the corner of the waiting room and plopped him right down in it. She stood there browsing on her phone for five minutes while the tortoise slowly walked around looking confused, then snatched him back up and went inside. That was his daily walk in the fresh air, I guess.



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