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Monday, January 3, 2022

Guinea had to start seeing the doctor pretty regularly back in the middle of the summer. The first time we had to drive him out to the specialist, we tried to make sure he was prepared for a long trip, since it was a forty minute drive and we knew we'd have to wait in the waiting room once we got there. We got the special single-pig carrier ready, which we really only use for vet trips, since any other trip would be with both pigs. We filled it with bedding and put a handful of hay and an entire carrot in there to keep him happy. It's pretty small for an adult pig, but has windows on both sides, so he was able to see us and we talked to him and kept him comfortable.

Once we were in the car on the highway, however, we saw a silverfish crawling around in there! It had been a while since we used that carrier and we keep it on the floor behind their cage, so it had snuck in there. We had brushed it out first, but apparently not well enough! Guinea didn't seem to mind, though. He was pretty calm throughout the whole experience.



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