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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Nose Touch?

I wouldn't call Fuzzy "snuggly." Neither of our pigs like being lifted, and sometimes Fuzzy will refuse to be petted. But as long as there's food in front of him, he's happy to let you pet him.

It actually requires a very specific technique. You have to start with scratching his nose, then move up his forehead and scratch behind his ears. If he's in a particularly good mood, he'll let you scratch his back. Don't go for the belly or picking him up, though, or he'll freak. And if you start from the back scratch, he'll flip out not being able to see it coming.

With Guinea, just touching his nose is as far as we usually get. It's more like a "let me sniff your finger and see if you're hiding some lettuce" than an actual petting. Go for an ear scratch and he'll shake you off. Go for a back scratch, and it's the highway. Unless you've gotten him on your lap somehow. Then he becomes completely docile.



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